Google Image Search — click on the camera icon inside the search box to upload an image to use in the search.
Google Advanced Search — gives you control over what you're searching for.


Wolfram Alpha
Wolfram Alpha doesn't just search, it calculates too.
You can ask it questions like y = mx + c and it will give you answers like this.

Flickr Image Search

Respecting copyright: Use Flickr to search for images licensed for you to use (using Creative Commons licenses).

You can use Flickr's Advanced Search for more options.

Presentation & Drawing

A different way to present ideas and produce visual aids.

Powerpoint on the web

A great online diagramming tool with lots of digram shapes and clipart pieces. Export to PNG to save.


Primary Pad
Real-time shared note pads for writing collaborative documents. Based on EtherPad.
Google Docs
Sign-up for a Google account and get Google Docs. As well as writing your own documents, you can share a Google Doc with others so you can collaborate on a single document.
A great way to pool and discuss different ideas and then vote on the best.


Flashcards are a really useful revision aid. You can sign up for a free account at and create revision cards. There's a set of ICT-related keywords to get you started. Studyblue also have apps for Apple, Android and Amazon so you can revise on the go.
Use Clockster to time revision sprints. 20 mins

Search & Sharing
Delicious is a great way to store bookmarks to things that you find on the web. In delicious you organise things you store with tags, so you can easily group together bookmarks for a subject or project.
Fed up of typing ? Instead you can use to shorten the link to something like


Web sites that let you program in your browser — without having to download and install development tools.

QuiteBasic is basic, but that's in the name
A simple way to test snippets of Javascript and PHP code.
Test out your Javascript, HTML and CSS code (including support for a wide range of Javascript frameworks) in one place.
Python development in the browser
Awesome Python, Javascript, PHP, Perl and Ruby development environment complete with MySQL and Mongo database support plus a Unix terminal. Currently invite only beta

Storage & File Transfer

Online storage is useful for backing up your data or so you can work from different locations. You're less likely to loose it than a USB stick. It can also be useful for transferring large files from-A-to-B.

Google Drive
Online storage from Google. Access in a browser or via an app to sync with your device. Integrates with Google docs too.
Microsoft SkyDrive
Like Google Drive but from Microsoft. You probably have it already if you have a hotmail email account.
Probably the best online storage and synchronising service, but unlike Skydrive and Google Drive there's no ability to edit documents in a browser.
Need to transfer some big files but not need to store them online? Wetransfer is just the thing. Move files upto 2GB for free.

Classroom Tools

Feedback for students in the classroom
A virtual class wall on the web.
Activity timer. 30 secs | 1 min | 2 mins | 5 mins

Other Helpful Resources

Online OCR
Convert images (like scanned documents) into editable text using this online Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool.

Clip Converter
Convert between different audio and video formats, including some YouTube content.

Music clips
Click here to get Free Royalty Free Music for Schools!
Free music is not licensed for commercial use. If you would like to use music that is fully cleared for commercial use, check out our Royalty Free Music Library.